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The Benefits and Differences Between Leather, Vinyl, and Faux Leather

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Example Leather Chair

There seems to be a certain appeal to products that are made of leather. Whether you are purchasing a leather jacket, leather jeans to take you back to the 80’s, a wallet, or in this case a leather office chair; people seem to love leather. It could be the status symbol already embedded in people’s minds, the comfort of sitting in a soft leather chair, or the fact that leather is what you are used to that keeps people coming back for more.

People seem to be most confused by what options are available as an alternative to leather and how do these alternatives compare to the real deal? The fact is there are many alternatives to leather, and each has its own separate aspects to be had. It is important to realize the differences and benefits of leather and alternatives, especially when contemplating purchasing a new chair. It is safe to say you want to know what options are available and what is going to be best to suit your wants and needs.

When shopping for a new or used leather office chair, you will encounter vinyl, imitation leather, LeatherPlus, Caressoft, Faux Leather and other terms in your quest to find your chair. It is important to consider and take all these different options into account when searching for a leather chair, because some of these could be good alternatives to leather and save you money in the process.

Example Vinyl Chair

Vinyl is a close alternative to leather, looking nearly identical and most probably would not even know it was vinyl unless it was included in the specs/description of the chair you were purchasing. Over the years there have been an abundance of advancements in the way vinyl is created and textured, leading to a very close resemblance to leather. In the biotech industry, vinyl office chairs are the chair of choice because of its bacteria resistance and easy to clean surface. The main difference between leather and vinyl is the time wear since leather breaks down and becomes softer, unlike vinyl which is essentially plastic. Vinyl is more prone to feel like plastic over time. Vinyl is also less expensive in price than its leather counterpart. If value and saving money are what you are looking for in a chair, then a combination of leather or vinyl is not a bad alternative.

Example LeatherPlus Chair

Imitation leather, LeatherPlus, Faux Leather, Caressoft, and other terms like that are generally referring to some sort of fabric which started out as leather, but ended up infused with some sort of polymer to give it strength and durability. Essentially a combination of leather and vinyl, the leather and polymer (usually a blend of vinyl and a softener) are broken down then molded back together to form a comfortable product with the softness of leather. Depending on the manufacturer of the chair, these infused leathers have a different feel to them. Some are soft, others are a bit more firm and hard. A LeatherPlus, for example, is going to be a softer, more subdued infused material. It will not be as shiny as leather, but close in softness.

Though leather alternatives do come at a cheaper price there are also downfalls to choosing them over leather. Leather office chairs get softer over time, meaning it is going to be even more comfortable as time goes unlike leather alternatives that basically stay the same and sometimes get uncomfortable as time goes by. Longevity is another key reason why people are willing to spend more on leather, it will look better over a longer period of time as well as comfort. The choice of leather and imitation leather is always a difficult decision to make, so be sure to consider what qualities and price point you require a chair to have and make your choice from there.


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February 3, 2010 at 9:37 pm

Advantages and Disadvantages of Leather Office Chairs

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For years, the executive leather office chair has been depicted as the epitome of class, success, prestige, and wealth. Look at almost any TV show or movie that features an office figure that is looked up to and admired and take a look at what kind of chair they are sitting in. The vast majority of the time the chair they are sitting in is a leather office chair. Even just imagining a leather office chair, the first person that comes to my mind when I think who would be sitting in it would be some high powered executive. Although notoriously reputable and sought after, leather office chairs like any other kind of chair comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

One of the key advantages of owning a leather office chair over a chair with a fabric material is the ease of maintenance. Leather upholstery is generally easy to maintain and can be cleaned simply by wiping the chair with a clean damp cloth. Applying a special leather cleaner every six months or so also maintains the overall appearance of the leather chair. If carefully maintained, a good quality hide upholstered chair will develop its own patina to give your leather office chair a distinctive appearance as it matures and ages.

Along with being easy to maintain, leather office chairs also give off the aura of prestige and power. Not only do leather chairs give off an aura of power, but they also look very nice and are appropriate in any business setting, whether you are at work or at home. Some leather office chair manufacturers also provide a variety of custom colored upholstered choices so those that want a more unique chair can purchase that green leather office chair they have been dying to get. Although about 90% of leather office chairs produced typically come in the standard black color, with white and burgundy being close second and thirds as far as color popularity.

One problem some people seem to find with leather is the tendency for it to put a shine on your clothing, especially for those that wear expensive outfits or business suits to work. You may find that your clothes wear out more quickly than before if you were sitting in a fabric or mesh chair.

If you work in an office that does not have air conditioning or gets really hot in temperature, especially during the summer months, you may find that your leather office chair will cause you to sweat and perspire excessively. However, some top quality leathers do come with a breathable finish which will help reduce or even eliminate this problem.

A big disadvantage that is not necessarily the chairs fault, is that people get fooled into purchasing chairs that are advertised as cheap leather office chairs. People believe they are getting an unbelievable bargain price when in actuality really cheap chairs with leather upholstery will always be a compromise, frequently they are made from off cuts and scraps of very low quality leather that have been pieced together to cover the chair. This leather can be thin and brittle, meaning the chair will not last long and will begin to tear as time goes by.

As aforementioned, with any chair or in reality any product, there are pros and cons to purchasing a leather chair. Whether you can outweigh the positives for the negatives is ultimately your decision but most importantly as a rule of thumb, if a chair sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

How to Maintain a Leather Office Chair

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When it comes to purchasing an office chair most people have one key feature in mind that they expect their chair to come with, and that is easy maintenance. Of course, maintaining an office chair is not always as easy as it sounds, especially if you sit in the chair for long hours everyday for several years. There is always that occasional accidental spill that occurs when you are eating your favorite snack before lunch or the time you spilled your pepsi on your chair. When spills and stains take place on chairs that are made from a fabric material, they are generally more difficult to clean and maintain than chairs made from other kinds of materials. That being said, if you are looking for a chair that is designed for its durability, comfort and low maintenance, then leather office chairs are a must have item for your office.

An ergonomic leather office chair finished in a high quality hide will give you many years of good service no matter if you are using the chair as an executive leather office chair that you sit in for a few hours a day during meetings or a leather office desk chair that you sit in for the whole duration of your work day. Reputable suppliers will be more than happy to tell you about the origin, quality and grade hide used in the manufacture of their office seating products to help you assess the difference between high and low quality leathers. High quality leathers are usually upholstered in a single piece of hide to maintain the appearance and the finish. Frequently cheap chairs with leather upholstery are made from off cuts and scraps of very low quality leather that have been pieced together to cover the chair. Typically this leather can be thin and brittle in texture which will cause the chair to rip and tear over time.

Generally speaking leather upholstery is easy to maintain and simply needs a regular wipe down with a damp cloth combined with a little bit of soap and possibly an application of a specialist hide cleaner every six months or so. Leather cleaner is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at your local home appliance store such as a Home Depot or a Target. When you spill that drink you brought back from lunch on your chair, a damp rag will do the trick to get rid of the spill leaving virtually no remembrance. If leather is carefully maintained, a good quality hide upholstered chair will develop its own patina to give your leather office chair a distinctive appearance as it matures and ages.

Leather chairs in general are easier to maintain than fabric office chairs. Whether you have a black leather office chair or a brown leather office chair, maintenance will stay the same regardless of color or style. With leather fabric being easy to wipe down, spills and food remnants are easy to take care of and remove. High quality leather office chairs are also built to be durable, another distinguishing factor that will help your chair last longer. If you are looking for a chair that will need little maintenance and will still provide you with a touch of class and style, a leather office chair is the way to go.

Leather Office Chair Review: Habanera Series!

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Spicy hot is the Habanera High Back Executive Chair from Aaria Office Seating! This leather office chair (well, faux leather, since it is upholstered in Caressoft Plus, an ultra durable, ultra soft combination of leather and vinyl – here are the differences between Caressoft and Leather) is a great choice for someone looking to get a good looking chair that is comfortable and has that “plush” feel to it.

Here’s whats nice about the Habanera Series – the price won’t leave your wallet burning 5 hours after you buy it. You can get is in a stylish chrome frame or a sleek powder coated black frame and base. It comes in a high back OR a mid back, as well as a matching guest chair – so no need to mix up the office with different styles and brands anymore…

The chair itself sits really nice. It is a big chair, wide seat and large, enveloping backrest. The double layered cushion, which has a horizontally seamed 1.5 inch thick cover on the high density foam cushions, add the extra oomph to the sitting experience, really allowing the sitter to sink into the chair and feel hugged. It is a hot leather office chair…ready to make you feel comfortable for years.

A Leather Office Chair that Will Adjust with You

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There are so many great things about purchasing a leather office chair now-a-days, and to me the most important ‘thing’ to focus on is the comfort for the long haul sitting. There really isn’t any other fabric out there that has the luxurious feel of new leather, and then after it’s broken in it feels even better. You have to know what to look for though to make sure you don’t get drawn in and purchase any leather office chairs that might not give you what you need.

                With so many different shapes and sizes in people, also come so many shapes and sizes in leather office chairs. This is what makes the chairs more and more popular today. Leather office chair companies have created a whole lot of chairs with a multitude of adjustments to fit everyone. So, if you’re six-foot six or five-foot six (just a range that sounds nice) you’ll find a leather office chair that will support you in the areas you need.

                As for places to shop? Well, shopping around town is always nice, that way you can ‘test drive’ them a bit. Of course the initial comfort can wear off and you might be stuck with a lemon, so be sure to find a location that has a knowledgeable sales staff. Don’t go for the sales hype of a great discount. There could be a reason the leather office chairs are on sale. No one wants them because they don’t offer long-term support. Another way to find a great leather office chair is through an online search. If you find the right company, you’ll discover a sales staff that’s knowledgeable. They aren’t going to try to up sell you on anything. is a great office chair company. They’ve been around for a while, they are growing, but most importantly…they know leather office chairs.

So, I guess if you’re out there looking for a leather office chair for either your home or office take a look online because you can click through easily and see a lot of different types of leather office chairs. If clicking through all the internet pages causes you to become a bit overwhelmed, you can just call the showroom itself and start asking questions. They should be able to talk to you about arm rests, added support for your back or seat, and other adjustments.

Be sure to let them know if you have back problems or anything like that. That way they can make sure you purchase the right type of leather office chair.

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April 17, 2009 at 4:16 pm

Leather Office Chairs are the Perfect Decorative Decision

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One of the bigger, more overwhelming tasks that can be handed your way in the business world is how to decorate or redecorate your office. Being able to produce a friendly environment with some of your own personality as well as making it an amicable work space is truly the challenge that not many are able to face.

                An important component is always the office chair, a leather office chair actually. It is a major piece of furniture because it will always send a message to current and prospective clients as well as to your employees and your body. Yes, your body. It is important to invest in leather office chairs that are functional and safe for long periods of sitting at your desk, if that’s what you to do of course. They can be luxurious and take the look of your office to the next level.

                An advantage of purchasing a black leather office chair is that it is incredibly easy to match with any color swatch you’ve created. If you already have an incredible oak, mahogany, pine, Formica, or whatever desk, and you’re not ready to part with this piece from your office collection, then shopping around for leather office chairs is what you’ll need to do. They are a great accessory that will beef up the office’s image, as well as yours.

                With the multitude of adjustments and tilts on today’s leather office chairs, you won’t need to worry as much about what will be comfortable for long periods of sitting. Ergonomics plays a huge part, so that’s what you’ll need to consider. Finding the right leather office chair that will fit your height and weight is first and foremost, as is finding one that will adjust to your desk’s height while keeping you in the right ninety degree angles; knees, elbows and wrists. Make sure your feet are flat on the floor, your head is pointing straight ahead and your eyes are looking about a forty-five degrees downward angle.

                Creating a stress at any of these points will do damage, sometime irreparable damage, to your body. And remember, the older we get the harder it is to bounce back from these types of injuries.

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April 14, 2009 at 9:30 pm, Finding the Leather Office Chair that Fits You Right

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There are a number of ways to take risks now-a-days. It seems to be a thrill for us to take chances with our bodies or our lives. Of course we all take ways to minimize the risk. If you ride a motorcycle you were protective clothing, including a helmet. There are common sense minimizers as well as checking weather related events if you’re one who like parachuting.

                Although we might do these activities as frequently as we can, we rarely do them for long periods of time and day after day. Okay, sure, you might ride a motorcycle every day, but do you do that for six to eight hours a day? Chances are that you don’t.

                So, I wonder why if we take precautions to protect ourselves in these situations that last just moments of time, why don’t we take precautions on something we use day after day and hour after hour? I’m talking of course about a leather office chair. I think some people only think about the price and grab the best deal out there without thinking about the price they will pay with their body later.

                In a lot of these cases, people have been using a dining room chair, or something along those lines, so anything is an improvement. They also might think they just picked up a great deal. Oh, don’t get me wrong there are some great leather office chairs out there at some amazing prices. You just have to look ahead of time. Watch for the right sale. Not when the company is just trying to push the stock out the door because no one wants the leather office chair. In this case one man’s garbage is not another man’s treasure.

                Don’t get fooled by this!

                Comfortable leather office chairs that last and are safe for your body are two very important pieces of the equation. The leather office chair should be designed with adjustment flexibility. Typically that means covering leg length, height, weight, and length of time the chair is being used.

                I guess you could look at it this way. If you were off on a parachuting trip with some buds and a chute was being offered at a discount price because the pull string was sometimes faulty would you consider it?

                My thought is no!

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April 11, 2009 at 6:53 pm