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Office Chair Review: Leather Office Chairs for the Start-up Office and More | Pacific Seating’s (PM-45

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What more can be said about affordable, versatile and reliable leather office chairs that can seamlessly adapt to any office? From multi-office work spaces to vast cubicle arrays, the Pacific Seating (PM-45) will spruce up all business because they are each built with ergonomic adjustments for long work hours. Their durable, long lasting, and oh-so comfortable mesh seating areas, leather accents, and sturdy aluminum framing will impress Executives and clients alike.

The locking swivel tilt control, fixed polished aluminum arms and base, and breathable mesh are exactly the features and benefits any fiscally conscience, pragmatic Executive or Facilities Manager are looking for to invoke cost-benefit analyses and maintaining departmental budgets while simultaneously appealing to the more aesthetic side of their nature. 

Based out of Cerritos, California, the PM-45 is manufactured by Pacific Seating, a company well-known to specialize in high quality products at value prices.


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May 21, 2009 at 6:22 pm

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Leather Office Chair Review: Habanera Series!

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Spicy hot is the Habanera High Back Executive Chair from Aaria Office Seating! This leather office chair (well, faux leather, since it is upholstered in Caressoft Plus, an ultra durable, ultra soft combination of leather and vinyl – here are the differences between Caressoft and Leather) is a great choice for someone looking to get a good looking chair that is comfortable and has that “plush” feel to it.

Here’s whats nice about the Habanera Series – the price won’t leave your wallet burning 5 hours after you buy it. You can get is in a stylish chrome frame or a sleek powder coated black frame and base. It comes in a high back OR a mid back, as well as a matching guest chair – so no need to mix up the office with different styles and brands anymore…

The chair itself sits really nice. It is a big chair, wide seat and large, enveloping backrest. The double layered cushion, which has a horizontally seamed 1.5 inch thick cover on the high density foam cushions, add the extra oomph to the sitting experience, really allowing the sitter to sink into the chair and feel hugged. It is a hot leather office chair…ready to make you feel comfortable for years.

The $2000 Leather Office Chair with 2000 stories on it!

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This leather office chair cost $2000.00 once. Yes, it is leather. AND, the warranty is expired. Shouldn’t a $2000.00 chair have a lifetime warranty? (In its defense, its around 8 years old…)

You have to wonder though, and hope, that there were plenty of good decisions made on this chair…Or a lot of fun times …I can’t say with certainty which!

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April 2, 2009 at 4:24 am

Top 10 Extreme Chair Videos

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The ingenuity and creative spirit of the overly bored individual should never be underestimated.  It truly is amazing.  For most, boredom leads to lounging around and, ultimately, to more boredom.  But for a few brave souls, this time of ennui is channeled into something much bigger than the rest of us could fathom.  When a lazy afternoon leaves you only with a chair, an overactive imagination, and a desire to be extreme, anything can happen.  Here is the list of the top 10 extreme chair videos floating around the web:


This video makes our list because it is one of the largest chair races we have ever seen.  It is only #10 because it is in a library, and hey, how extreme can you be in a library?


This video loses some points because there is only a bike pulling them and they are on flat ground.  They don’t quite get up enough speed to do any real damage, but they’re still just kids.  Lets give them a few years and then see what kind of mischief they can get into.


Anytime you can combine sports and office furniture, you’ve got a recipe for extreme.  The only problem with this video is that the sport is curling.


A standard 1 vs. 1 chair race, but these guys mean business.  From the sheer amount of will and determination shown by these two warriors, it looks more like a death race than anything else.


You don’t always have to be on the chair for it to be extreme.  Take these guys, for example.  They are actually trying to avoid being on the chair and it’s still pretty darn extreme.


If pulling a chair behind a bike isn’t quite extreme enough for you, the next logical step would be to pull a chair behind a car.  Or two chairs behind a car, and then make the car go at an impressively extreme speed.


Now that you’ve pulled a chair behind your car, there’s nothing left for you to go for, right?  Wrong, as evidenced by this guy who put his chair on skis and pulled it behind a boat.


Here ye, here ye.  I proclaimeth that this video be truly extreme.  Points for costumes and authenticty as well.


Just watching this video is enough to get your blood pumping, that’s how extreme it is.  When you attach a plastic lawn chair to a street louge and then take it to the mountains, you might not be sure how everything will end, but you know it will be extreme.


The most extreme chair video out there.  This is the definition of extreme.  They don’t really land any of the tricks, but that doesn’t stop them from giving it their all.  If you don’t know how to skateboard, rollerblade, or bike, but you want to spend a fun filled extreme day at the skatepark, look no further than your computer desk.  Enjoy.

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April 1, 2009 at 11:40 pm

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More pointers to choosing a better leather office chair…

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There are a variety of leather office chairs out there, and buying on the Internet requires a knowledge of what the different mechanisms do – which is where SitBetter comes in. Really, buying a chair should be based on two things:

1. Does it fit my decor, my desk and the style of the office? That you should be able to tell just based on your taste alone. If you have good taste, then you’ll probably make a good decision. However, if you wear plaid sport coats and red shoes (take Craig Sager, for example) then you should probably leave the chair buying to the well dressed person on your left.

2. Is it comfortable? This is not just a question of whether the cushions are comfortable. There are various factors that determine the comfort level of a chair…Let’s assume that you aren’t able to sit in it before hand, which reallistcally is the case with 99% of chair shoppers, give that there are over 5000 different chair types available. So consider a few things and comfort can be derived from whether or not they exist on the chair:

Knee Tilt v. Spring Tilt Mechanisms: The link to the left is a great reference to the difference between the two types of mechanisms. Knee tilt is more expensive, but more ergonomic. In a nutshell, you should consider leather office chairs with knee tilt mechanisms if you are using said leather office chairs as executive or desk seating. The knee tilt promotes keeping your feet on the ground and thighs parallel to the ground when you recline, thus reducing the pressure on your thighs and achieving more blood flow – more blood flow means less yawning, so on and so forth. A knee tilt mech will have height adjustment, tilt tension and be able to lock the back rest in multiple positions. That said, spring tilt mechanisms are great for conference rooms. A spring tilt mech is positioned at the middle of the chair seat, so there is little to no ergonomic benefit. Get it for leather office chairs where long ardous hours are not required, but sitting for 2 or 3 is – and the spring tilt (which has height adjustment, tilt tension and one locking postion) will save you money so you can buy beer to make that meeting less than 2 or 3 hours…

What’s in a name? You can get many good chairs that will last a good long time online, but buyer beware. The great budget leather office chair companies are far and few between, with the best being Boss Office Chairs, then Office Star and Chairworks. OFM is good too, but they are not classified as budget. For true value in leather office chairs, it should probably be from on of the aforementioned brands. SitBetter has a great selection of budget and value oriented leather office chairs, btw.

Leather, vinyl, Caressoft…While the latter two don’t classify as leather office chairs, don’t be so quick to dismiss them, especially if you want a cheaper option in the “leather category”. The vinyl of olden days is not the vinyl of today. And caressoft is a blend of leather and vinyl. Just keep this in mind: leather is more comfortable over the long term, vinyl and caressoft is less expensive over the short term. Tomatoes, tomaaaatos?? Eh.

Plushness… You can tell by a picture. There is a big difference between this chair here (La-Z-Boy Sintas), and this chair here (Boss B8106). And the price is always telling. Not to upsell, but price does matter sometimes. A $99 chair is just NOT going to feel like a $649 chair, no matter how many pleasure inducing drugs you take.

Ergonomics…Knee tilt and spring tilt aside, ergonomics are rare in leather office chairs, but not absent. Most common is the knee tilt and the lumbar support that is built into the back of the chair (but not adjustable), but there are a few more options, listed here of leather office chairs with ergonomic features. Necessary? Not really, in my opinion. A leather office chair should be plush and enveloping, more than anything, not fully adjustable to the exact millimeter of comfort.

Anyways, take some or all of these factors into mind when buying a leather office chairs online. Like I said, understand your situation for which you need the leather office chair. It is a critical factor in choosing the chair. The rest is really just gravy.

Likewise, the crew at SitBetter seems to know a whole lot about chairs, and are good about dispensing advice…almost as good as my Batman Pez dispenser was…

The Bullet Points to a Quality Leather Office Chair

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So many office chairs to choose from, so little time!

Well, you should make the time. If you’re here reading this blog then you’re probably sitting in an office chair or a home office chair. You might have done the research for the chair but then again you might have just found the chair at a local garage sale. The whole ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ might work wonders for some other item but definitely not for an office chair…even a leather office chair.

Look at it this way. The person who sold the chair sold it for a reason. It’s probably uncomfortable!

Choosing one of many leather office chairs on the market isn’t like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. Sure, there are lots to choose from, but consider the following check list and you should be in the ballpark.

  • Does it have an adjustable back support? There should be a tilt feature of some sort. Our backs are not always comfortable at 90 degree angles. Sure, your elbows and your wrists should be at 90 degrees or at least close but your back needs to relax a bit and tilting back in your leather office chair from time to time is a good thing.
  • Does it have a tension adjuster? Cheap chairs don’t have this and are considered ‘one size fits all,’ including weight. If you’re of sturdy stock or not, leather office chairs should adjust to your size and not the other way around.
  • Does it have adjustable of fixed arm rests? The fixed types of arms are crazy and the also fall under the one size fits all. Your elbows should be rested comfortably without your shoulders hunching or slouching. Adjustable arm rests on your leather office chair will save you shoulder and neck problems down the road.

So, don’t feel inferior if you’ve checked off all three on this short list. A lot of people just buy something to sit in for a temporary reason, with the hope of something better down the road. Well, that time sometimes doesn’t happen. We wreak havoc on your bodies and then eventually spend our time and money with the physical therapist pulling on colored rubber bands to strengthen our weakened muscles.

Don’t let this be you!

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March 28, 2009 at 4:51 pm

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FLH80001-U1 Brown Faux Leather Office Chair Reviewed!

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Ok, so it isn’t real leather. But trust me, as far as chairs that are a great value, this chair is exactly that…especially since it is on sale for this month…but that is the least of the nice things about it. Let’s start off with the faux leather issue – while it may be a fabricated cow skin hide, it still is a nice fabricated cow hide. It doesn’t have the rough, tough qualities of older, antiquated vinyl chair upholsteries, so I can vouch for this (faux) leather chair. If you really want a leather office chair though, you can to this link for all of Sitbetter’s leather office chairs.

This chair looks nice too, though. The brown (faux) leather will go well in any home office, and we all know how tricky it is to find quality faux (or real) brown leather chairs that will feel comfortable when you want them to feel comfortable – i.e., when you get home from work and want to relax! This chair does that, with the soft foam cushions and the 25″ wide seat for a good amount of shifting and turning if you feel so inclined. The chair reclines smoothly, and although doesn’t have an ergonomic mechanism…If you are looking for an ergonomic office chair, this probably isn’t the best choice for you…

Overall, though, I have to say, it is a nice chair. More importantly, it is a great VALUE. Quality, style, comfort and price all wrapped into one is what we define as a great value. This chair has all of that and a little icing on top too!

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March 6, 2009 at 11:37 pm