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Best of Both Worlds, the Leather Office Chair Choice

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I’m typically asked which chair is better for me, leather or mesh. It’s not such a straightforward answer where I can say a, ‘leather office chair is perfect for you because…,’ or a ‘mesh office chair will serve you well because…” It just isn’t that simple. If it were, well then we wouldn’t have the options we have today.

                The choices today are plentiful and are made to fit one’s life-style needs. Usually it depends on where the chair is going to be seen and if the owner is trying to make an impression, but that’s just the beginning. If you’re choosing leather office chairs to fill your business office and you need to continually make an impression on clients, say like in a law firm, then you’re on the right track. However, and this is a big one, it also depends on how long each employee is sitting in the leather office chair. Long term comfort is essential to those employees.

                Thankfully leather office chairs come with a number of adjustments on them to make them better ergonomically than they have been in the past. The only discomfort, if there is one, is if the padding isn’t correct or if the person sitting for long periods of time gets hot quick. Leather office chairs, in my personal experience, can do that.

                On the other side, a mesh office chair is breathable, ergonomically sound, and can be quite comfortable. They don’t however make the same beautiful impression as a leather office chair. Again, it depends on what you want. Usually, an office where the employees are sitting a lot in front of their computer is best suited for a mesh office chair.

                In today’s office chair market though, there are a multitude of choices from shapes and sizes to tilts and adjustments sometimes it is just the color that perplexes people. Leather office chairs mainly come in three colors; black, brown, and red, and mesh office chairs are the same. The most popular color is black because it can be matched with nearly anything. The color has a sleek glamour!

                Personally, I have one of each. I am on the go at the office more, so I have a leather office chair there, and I spend more time in my mesh chair at home. I guess it is the best of both worlds!


Written by leathersitbetter

April 10, 2009 at 3:42 pm

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