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Inspiration Wrapped Around a Leather Office Chair

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A lot of people work from home now-a-days, and I am certainly no exception. I work in an office as well, but seem to be spending more and more time at home. About six months ago, a friend of mine thought it would be prudent to spice up his work space at home, transforming it into an actual office space. In fact, he needed me to renovate the space for two people, as he no longer lives alone.

Working around taped up boxes, plastic file cabinets, relatively blank walls, and paper, paper, paper just wasn’t cutting it for them anymore. It was distracting and they were losing items, and interest, amidst the clutter. What was even worse was that their so called work space was so boring and uninspiring they would find themselves branching out to other rooms in the house. There were little stacks of paper in the living room, den, bedroom, and even the dining room. Apparently, if they needed to print something or whatever, they would have to go back to the office, plug in, and print, and so on and so on. I think you get the picture.

They liked my office space at home and asked me to help them. I, of course loving a challenge and a nice project, agreed. Now, mind you I am not an interior designer but I know function. I know the function of leather office chairs because I work around them. Thankfully they have a dedicated room that could be converted.

We took everything out and categorized it with a priority of garbage or keep. After we painted, we created and hung some great photo montages. The photos were from trips with friends, landscapes, and just anything fun that would bring joy and interest to their office space.

With regard to the furniture, I needed to know their needs and desires. They both wanted a clean space with warm comfort and earth tone colors. I like it when things are simple like that. I went down to a well-known home department store and picked up a relatively thin woven rug. They have wooden floors that didn’t need scratching.

At this point, I sat back and watched them become inspired by the project. It’s truly what I wanted. It is their space, not mine. The only part I would insist up on is that they each pick up a beautiful leather office chair.

The only part I really played in this renovation was to ask questions. Well, okay, the leather office chairs and the rug were really my only suggestions! They found the answers and the design on their own.


Written by leathersitbetter

April 4, 2009 at 11:51 pm

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