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Thick or Thin, a Leather Office Chair Seat Selection

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One of the most common questions to ask, as well as one of the most common practices people perform while shopping for leather office chairs, is to see if there is enough padding on the seat. For some they feel it is a personal preference, generous padding or a fairly firm seating surface does strictly leave it up to the person, but is that really the best avenue to follow?

Although a nice cushiony leather office chair, with big thick padding sounds like a piece of comfort heaven, it is rarely used. The reason being is that it inadvertently forces bad posture. The body is continually, but gently coerced into the plushy softness, offering little to no support. In some cases of thick padding, the spine is extended further at the tailbone creating an unnatural strain, and therefore resulting in a lower back problem.

There’s no steadfast rule to the amount of seating cushion though, as each person requires something a little additional or a little bit less. Normally, people of smaller frames or older people, based on their own body padding, prefer a seat with additional padding, while larger, stockier people who have some padding on their bodies already, tend to be comfortable in leather office chairs with less padding. In fact, they sometimes prefer a mesh chair. After a while, generous padding can make you sweat, so working in a warmer climate with no air conditioning can be extremely uncomfortable. Mesh would work best in that environment.

Also available, with a lot of alleged bragging rights, are memory foam and contour-shaped seating styles. Neither is generous in their overall comfort though. First of all, after a while memory foam tends to flatten and compress. It may ‘bounce’ back but only after the person exits the chair. Secondly, the contour seat is exactly that it is…a one size fits all proposition. Good for some and not so good for others.

Either way you do it, talk to an office chair expert because it’s important to be safe and comfortable for life.


Written by leathersitbetter

April 2, 2009 at 8:30 pm

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