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The Bullet Points to a Quality Leather Office Chair

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So many office chairs to choose from, so little time!

Well, you should make the time. If you’re here reading this blog then you’re probably sitting in an office chair or a home office chair. You might have done the research for the chair but then again you might have just found the chair at a local garage sale. The whole ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ might work wonders for some other item but definitely not for an office chair…even a leather office chair.

Look at it this way. The person who sold the chair sold it for a reason. It’s probably uncomfortable!

Choosing one of many leather office chairs on the market isn’t like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. Sure, there are lots to choose from, but consider the following check list and you should be in the ballpark.

  • Does it have an adjustable back support? There should be a tilt feature of some sort. Our backs are not always comfortable at 90 degree angles. Sure, your elbows and your wrists should be at 90 degrees or at least close but your back needs to relax a bit and tilting back in your leather office chair from time to time is a good thing.
  • Does it have a tension adjuster? Cheap chairs don’t have this and are considered ‘one size fits all,’ including weight. If you’re of sturdy stock or not, leather office chairs should adjust to your size and not the other way around.
  • Does it have adjustable of fixed arm rests? The fixed types of arms are crazy and the also fall under the one size fits all. Your elbows should be rested comfortably without your shoulders hunching or slouching. Adjustable arm rests on your leather office chair will save you shoulder and neck problems down the road.

So, don’t feel inferior if you’ve checked off all three on this short list. A lot of people just buy something to sit in for a temporary reason, with the hope of something better down the road. Well, that time sometimes doesn’t happen. We wreak havoc on your bodies and then eventually spend our time and money with the physical therapist pulling on colored rubber bands to strengthen our weakened muscles.

Don’t let this be you!


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March 28, 2009 at 4:51 pm

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