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FLH80001-U1 Brown Faux Leather Office Chair Reviewed!

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Ok, so it isn’t real leather. But trust me, as far as chairs that are a great value, this chair is exactly that…especially since it is on sale for this month…but that is the least of the nice things about it. Let’s start off with the faux leather issue – while it may be a fabricated cow skin hide, it still is a nice fabricated cow hide. It doesn’t have the rough, tough qualities of older, antiquated vinyl chair upholsteries, so I can vouch for this (faux) leather chair. If you really want a leather office chair though, you can to this link for all of Sitbetter’s leather office chairs.

This chair looks nice too, though. The brown (faux) leather will go well in any home office, and we all know how tricky it is to find quality faux (or real) brown leather chairs that will feel comfortable when you want them to feel comfortable – i.e., when you get home from work and want to relax! This chair does that, with the soft foam cushions and the 25″ wide seat for a good amount of shifting and turning if you feel so inclined. The chair reclines smoothly, and although doesn’t have an ergonomic mechanism…If you are looking for an ergonomic office chair, this probably isn’t the best choice for you…

Overall, though, I have to say, it is a nice chair. More importantly, it is a great VALUE. Quality, style, comfort and price all wrapped into one is what we define as a great value. This chair has all of that and a little icing on top too!


Written by leathersitbetter

March 6, 2009 at 11:37 pm

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