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Partial Leather Office Chairs

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So you get a leather office chair that says its a leather office chair, but it has PVC on it…so what does that mean?  Really basically, that means that the front of the chair, the areas that you sit on and that your back rests on, are actual leather.  To save costs, the manufacturer implictely decided to finish the upholstery of the back of the chair in vinyl(the part behind the back, where you don’t sit on and the most use it can have is to show people how important you are- such as in those movie scenes where you enter an office and the bossman is sitting facing a window with the back of his chair towards the enteree, and he slowly spins around…).

So does it matter?  No.  It does not.  It really is a value proposition.  Doesn’t hurt and lowers the cost.  A win win.


Written by leathersitbetter

February 16, 2009 at 8:33 pm

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