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Leather Office Chairs: OFM-561-L Reviewed!

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561-l2Leather office chairs really do come in a huge assortment of different types, so it seems.  How does that hot dog song go?  Big ones, short ones, tall ones…. even ones with….!!!  I just mean that take your pick, you can, if you search long enough, find a chair to suit your tastes!

Here is a chair which is very very stylish, comfortable, and very reasonably priced!  The OFM-561-L has some great features, as long as you’re looking for sleek, modern and stylish.  It also has some good padding for a sleek chair (sleek meaning slim, so there’s really not as much room for padding!).  It’s going to be firm at first, but give the foam time to give in, the stiffness just means it’s going to last a long time.  A nice lumbar support area, padded neckrest area, great-looking wooden accents and quality that’s going to keep it around for a good long while!

This is a leather office chair which is going to look great in the office, or definitely look terrific around a modern conference table!

This is a good value chair, one I’m comfortable recommending!


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