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The Value of a GOOD leather office chair…

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How do you value a good leather office chair? How do you know if you got a good, long lasting office chair? A few things come into play…construction, brand, and warranty.
As far as leather office chairs are concerned, brand matters. Make sure the brand you buy has experience making good leather office chairs. The brand will also tell you much about the construction of the chair. Take the image to the left, for example. That’s my current chair (in the sake of testing, we switch out our chairs very often.) It is a used HON leather office chair, and while hideous in color, it is very comfortable. Add to that, its from 1993! (Got it used from our used furniture part of the store…) Sitting in it, I know that is a bargain for the comfort the chair provides. And I have lumbar issues, so the fact that it is relatively unergonomic and still supports me well tells me a lot about the build of the chair.

If it were brand new, this chair would run around 550-650 USD, depending on the options. Say I paid $650 for it brand new. Well, if I had had it since 1993, that would mean the chair is 16 years old. That would put my total yearly price at $40.63 a year, $0.78 a week, $0.11 a day, to sit VERY comfortabley for 16 years! Talk about a bargain. From 1993 and still going? Sometimes price does matter!


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February 10, 2009 at 8:15 pm

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