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Value Leather Office Chair: BOS-B7301 Review!

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There are a few thinks most people are looking for in a leather office chair– durability, comfort and price- and not necessarily in that order!

The BOS-B7301 certainly fulfills all three of those requirments.

Far too often, people will buy one of those very cheap leather office chairs from one of those office stores (you know the kind- 50 dollars on supersale this week only!), only to find the seat padding giving out after a few months, or having the base break, or or or. Just try taking it back to the store, too…. turns out the manufacturer or importer’s out of business- which means you’re just out of luck!

Well, the B7301 just isn’t one of THOSE leather office chairs.

A very good price while having decent quality, it really does have a soft seat, though the back is a bit firm, but not too bad. The leather is soft and supple, because the leather is infused with polyurethane, which is going to make it last a long time too.

I did say it’s inexpensive, which does not mean cheap. The chair is imported By Boss Office Products, who have been in the business a number of years, not being some fly-by-night import business, but people who stand behind their product.

If you’re looking for one chair, or a dozen, this particular leather office chair is one that will fill the bill!


Written by leathersitbetter

February 9, 2009 at 6:13 pm

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