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Leather Office Chairs – Back Height???

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If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Should I get a high back leather office chair, or a mid back leather office chair?”, then this blog post might have some answersfor you.

Are high back leather chairs just for big, hi-rise corner offices, and mid back leather office chairs for conference rooms and managers offices? What are the beneficial differences between the back sizes of leather office chairs?

Let’s check this out….

A mid back leather office chair is great for managers. It is also a very nice alternative for a home office, but a home office chair that is not sat in for hours at a time. For example, I am writing this in a mid back chair at home, with lumbar support (this chair, to be exact), but I only sit in this chair about 2-4 hours a day, am getting up and taking breaks from the chair. At work however, I use a high back leather office chair with lumbar support…

If you are going to use your chair for more than 4 hours a day, managers or home office users alike, I would graduate them to more high back seating – while the style is of an executive chair, the high back provides great upper back support, which for long term seating is necessary. As I mentioned above, at work I sit in my chair longer than 4 hours at a time. Obviously, I take breaks during the day to walk around and stretch, but for the most part, I am sitting. My high back leather chair allows me to lean back and provide my shoulders and neck with support, so there is limited strain on that area trying to keep head upright.

So, while I am not in a high rise corner office just yet, I prefer a high back leather office chair for its support. If I were talking about an ergonomic chair, I would be recommending one with a headrest. Same situation. Just keep in mind how many hours you, your employees or co-workers will be sitting in the chair when assessing what type of leather office chair to invest in.


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