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Ergonomic Leather Office Chairs?

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How do you make a leather office chair ergonomic? It’s a tricky endeavor, and probably one you shouldn’t worry too much about trying to accomplish. We have some nice options available here, if you want to take a gander…There are some leather office chairs that have actual adjustable lumbar supports, we have a few, and you can most likely find these with a knee tilt mechanism too. If you can get a leather office chair with these components, that is probably the most ergonomic you are going to get with a leather chair. It’s not that they are mutually exclusive attributes, ergonomics and leather chairs, but its just that the design of them hasn’t caught up to include the ergonomics craze that has been sweeping the furniture world for the past five years or so.

Of course, you can also go for the ultra ergonomic Humanscale Freedom Chair, which is available in leather, and even though their ergonomic principles aren’t the standard run of the mill, they are true and sound to proper ergonomic thought. Or alternateively, you can opt for the the chair Sigourny Weaver would probably try to kill, the Verte chair (you know, because it looks like an alien…ha-ha very funny…). But other than these, I wouldn’t stress about making your conference room wholly ergonomic. Just make it comfortable. And the same goes if you are set on getting a good, plush leather chair for your office…you can always get part of the ergonomics from a keybard tray and monitor arm. Again, here are some ergonomic leather chair options, in case you want to look.


Written by leathersitbetter

February 6, 2009 at 11:36 pm

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